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financial planning for business owners

Whether you're a sole trader or director of a limited company, you're busy growing your company, and you may not have thought about :

  • What happens if you or one of your key employees gets sick or dies

  • Getting a better return for company  money

  • Tax efficient ways of extracting profits

  • Retirement planning in the most tax efficient way

  • Group benefits for employees

Business Protection

Hard-working, creative and valued employees are the most powerful assets available to any business. That's why it makes sense to protect against the loss of certain key members of staff, bolstering your company against the financial and operational fall-out of such an event. We offer a range of life insurance plans to cover employees, directors, partners, as well as providing bespoke group risk schemes.

Corporate Investments

Do you have company profits sitting in a bank account that aren't gaining any interest?  Companies can easily invest into funds with a one-off lump sum, or via direct debit using regular monthly excess cash, or both. And withdrawing cash is easy too

Retirement Planning

One of the downsides of owning your own business is that you don't have an employer paying into a pension for you.  It's important to take control of your future and put a plan in place to make sure you don't have to work into your elder years.  We will show you how to use generous tax reliefs to extract wealth from your business and exit your business in the most efficient way when the time comes.

Employee Financial Wellbeing

group pensions cork

Financially healthy employees will be happier, more engaged and productive in the workplace.  If you would like to put benefits in place to protect your employees and help them plan for their future we can help with this through our Group Benefits Programme


We also offer Financial Wellbeing Sessions for companies where we can come and teach your employees how to manage their finances so they can make more informed decisions about their money.

Book a Financial Wellbeing Session for your Employees now by reaching out

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