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To Save or Invest?

Investing is defined as the commitment of money to receive more money later.  You use your money to buy an asset in the hope that it will increase in value over time.  The reason you need time is that the best performing assets (equities) can be volatile in the short term.

If you don't have time to grow your money (at least 5 years) you might be better off saving instead.  Whether you are saving or investing we can advise you on the right home for your money and advise you of any tax saving options also.

When we talk about investing we mean not just buying one asset; we mean buying a mix of assets, and a mix of assets within that asset class.  Fund managers buy and sell these asset classes on your behalf, hoping that their value will increase over time. The diagram below shows the higher or lower risks attached to the asset classes, and the potential to give higher or lower returns on your initial investment. 

investment advisor cork

3 Principles of Long Term Investing

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